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"FLEIHI on the lake" with extension comes with "Free" land and fully fitted

For sale

1.200.000 baht


minialist house, 2 bedrooms, 1 bathroom, multipurpose room under the roof and living room.
Price 1.200.000 baht
(price does not include foundation ponds and transportation costs)
➡️ Size 8*7 m. Area 65 sq.m. (including balcony and mezzanine)
➡️ Living room, 2 bedrooms, 1 living room 2 bathrooms Multipurpose room under the roof 1 Front and back porch
material details
5 years Garanti for house
Comes with all electric installed
all Baht room Sanitaires (excl Towels and amenities which will be in Funiture packet) as seen in picture excl. baht tube
Floors is in Bamboo light colour coated Lamine
The roof beams is in Steele and black
The closet comes without washing machines but as seen on picture
There is a furniture/kitchen packet related to photo
Kitchen as seen on photo excl amenities which will be in furniture packet
All build in ward robes are included
3 Airconditioning is included
The house is Covered in Bending metal and is highly isolated for sound and heat
material details
- Anti-rust galvanized steel structure
- R- Interior wall of smart bord
-Exterior wall bended metal
- Cotton gypsum plastered with smooth slopes along the gable
- American Standard or Cotto sanitary ware
- Electric lighting, LED lamp with control cabinet

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